Your most trusted team of women cinematographers in The Greater Toronto Area.


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Are you planning for your big day? Are you looking for a team of amazing videographers that can help you capture your love story in a time capsule so you can relive your big moments? We are here for you.



 Are you a small business owner trying to promote your brand with compelling videos? Are you a business that need B2B or B2C video content? We are here for you.

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passion projects

What is your story? Are you a blogger or Youtube personality that needs a team to tell your story with style and an edge? We are open to unique projects.

We love to see you smile.


As diverse as Toronto is, there's one thing everyone has in common—their smiles. We want to be there on your big day to incapsulate the love, the smiles and joy which we will present to you in your once in a lifetime film package. Read about our all-female team for Muslim weddings.


Fly like a bird. 

With the newest drone technology, we’re able to capture these stunning sceneries. They are great for weddings, corporate promotion videos and more. Contact us for more details.


Get to know someone quickly.


There is no other way better than an interview to learn about someone's personal life, craft, or profession. If you have a speech for the world to see, let us help.


We make your brand pop.


Are you trying to promote your brand? Do you want to make your brand stand out from others? We've got creative pitches for you to reach your audience.


Passion, it's what keeps us going.


Yvonne Sung of SUNG FILMOGRAPHY has a background in Film (not obvious at all). While making it as a director in Hollywood might seem far-fetched, it doesn't hurt to dream a little and keep that creative flow going by writing short fictions and interviewing wonderful humans.